Questions (and answers)

Can you also help me manage and support my server applications like e.g. SharePoint, Citrix, Dynamics or Lotus Notes?

Yes: Origo Support is our managed application offering. We monitor your applications 24/7, perform agreed upon recovery procedures, and alert your application managers in case of unrecoverable incidents. Applications we about, we can manage for your organization. All is billed based on hours spent – you only pay for what you use.

I represent a public client in Denmark. Can I purchase Origo Compute without going through a public EU tender?

Yes: Cabo A/S (the company behind Origo Compute) is an accredited supplier on the SKI framework agreement 02.19 (ASP/Cloud), which means you may purchase Origo Compute with Exchange, SharePoint or Zimbra preinstalled and ready to use, without going through a public EU tender.

 Can I run Origo Compute in my own server room?

Yes: Our Origo Engine C1 comes preloaded with Origo Compute 1.1, ready to be installed in your server room. Origo Engine C1 is a unit with 16 independent servers with a total of 64 CPU cores, and should be complemented by a Origo Engine C1 for shared storage.

Who else is using Origo products?

We are! We have been running a hosting operation for many years, and decided to design our own support system, and our own server management system. Currently we run over 1.000 virtual servers in our data centers, and provide application support to the second largest municipality in Denmark.

Can I transfer my existing virtual and physical servers to Origo Compute?

Yes: Origo Compute, which powers both our cloud at and Origo Engine C1, can run or optionally convert your existing vmdk image files. Physical servers can be virtualized and transferred to an image file, using the tool of your choice. This image file may then be deployed to Origo Compute.

Can I run transactions-heavy database application on Origo Compute?

Yes: Origo Compute offers unparalled virtual server performance. The most common bottleneck for server computing is the storage layer. Origo Compute offers you the ability to run virtual servers on either shared storage for servers with regular I/O demands, or on locally attached SSD storage for maximum storage I/O.