Getting started with your Engine C1

If you have ordered an Engine C1 or if you are just curious about how it works, read on. This post will try to give a brief overview of how to get an Engine C1 up and running, and how to fire up your first app on your new engine. Step 1: Registering at While waiting […]

Origo – a breath of fresh air to enterprise computing

We will soon be launching our new compute service, and are well aware that this market is dominated by huge players with near infinite ressouces, specifically Amazon and Google. We do however not think their compute products are very well suited for the typical enterprise client. In this blog post we try to explain our […]

Payload delivered

We are beginning to take orders from and delivering Engines to select clients who want to be a part of our journey to build a ready-to-run scalable infrastructure stack. Yesterday we delivered an Engine C1 to the Danish Technical University, more precisely DeIC, which is located on the DTU campus. DeIC delivers network, compute and storage ressources […]

Master images: The building blocks of scalable computing

Master images and virtual appliances – building blocks of scalable computing For our Compute service we use KVM as the hypervisor. In some ways KVM is the new kid on the block, and is also the hypervisor chosen by Google for their compute offering. Amazon Web Services on the other hand uses Xen. Just like […]