Introducing Origo Engine C1

  • Runs 100 virtual servers from SSD's
  • Built-in storage, networking, backup and monitoring
  • Pre-loaded management software
  • Install ready-to-run apps
  • Pre-order now for 125,000 DKK

Install a private cloud in your server room in 20 minutes

[ “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” Alan Kay ]

Tired of server rooms? try Origo Public Cloud

  • Public cloud built on the Engine C1
  • Upload your existing VMware servers
  • Built-in monitoring
  • Prepackaged cloud apps
  • A montly bill you actually understand

Built using the same hardware and software we sell for private clouds. Backup is always included. Servers run off SSD's.

[ But what sets our platform apart from the AWS's, Azure's, hybrid clouds and compute engines which already exist? ]

Ready-to-run apps

WordPress Zimbra Collaboration Server Samba file server Windows Server
  • WordPress server in 2 clicks, unlimited virtual sites
  • Mail server with CalDav + CardDav, firewall and monitoring
  • File server + Bittorrent Sync, easy access to files from your iPad
  • Windows remote desktop farm scaled across 40 servers

We believe installing a useful service in your private or public cloud should be as simple as installing a new app on your phone.

[ Try for yourself to tell the difference ]

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