Introducing Origo Engine C1

  • Runs 100 virtual servers from SSD's
  • Built-in storage, networking, backup and monitoring
  • Pre-loaded management software
  • Install ready-to-run apps
  • Order now for 125,000 DKK

Install a private cloud in your server room in minutes (yes, minutes).

[ “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” Alan Kay ]

No server room? try Origo Compute

  • Public cloud built on the Engine C1
  • Upload your existing VMware servers
  • Built-in monitoring
  • Prepackaged cloud apps
  • A montly bill you actually understand

Our public cloud is built on the same hardware and software we sell for building private clouds. Backup is always included. Servers run off SSD's. We use the KVM hypervisor.

[ But what sets our platform apart from the AWS's, Azure's, hybrid clouds and compute engines which already exist? ]

Ready-to-run apps

WordPress Zimbra Collaboration Server Samba file server Windows Server
  • WordPress server in 2 clicks, unlimited virtual sites
  • Mail server with CalDav + CardDav, firewall and monitoring
  • File server + Bittorrent Sync, easy access to files from your iPad
  • Windows remote desktop farm scaled across 40 servers

We believe installing a useful service in your private or public cloud should be as simple as installing a new app on your phone.

[ Try for yourself to tell the difference ]

Would you like to know more about Origo Engine C1, our public cloud or just send us a message?