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The Cli

Origo OS comes with an experimental command line client called “stash”. It is very much an experimental utility, but useful for things like resetting your password, if you have locked yourself out. Below are a couple of examples.

Reset your password

  1. Launch stash by typing “sudo stash” at a command line. Note that stash must be launched with root privileges.
  2. Type “users” to change to the users module.
  3. Type “list”, to locate the user id you want to change the password for.
  4. Type the user id you located to make that user the active object.
  5. Type “password=yournewpassword”

Piping to stash

The above may also be achieved by piping the above (separated by slashes) to stash:

echo "/users/user-id/password=yournewpassword" | sudo stash

Here’s another example which simply defines an IP address and and a network your account is allowed to log in from:

echo "/users/user-id/allowfrom=''" | sudo stash

And here’s how to remove this restraint, and allow login from everywhere:

echo "/users/user-id/allowfrom=--" | sudo stash

In general two hyphens “–” is used to remove a value.